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High canopy for everthing from Rvs, Big Rigs, County Vehicles and even Farm Equiptment!

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Sinclair Gasoline with SG-2000 Detergent Additive.

All Sinclair gasolines are fortified with SG-2000, the latest clean-up and keep-clean gasoline additive. SG-2000 prevents intake valve deposits, keeps fuel injectors and carburetors clean, helps control exhaust emissions and protects against corrosion. Using the BMW test procedure, the Southwest Research Institute in San Antonio, Texas has proven that Sinclair gasolines meet the Unlimited Mileage Criteria.

Sinclair Station PumpSinclair Truck Stops Feature Sinclair Premium Diesel.

Sinclair Premium Diesel is specially formulated to increase engine performance while lowering maintenance costs. This high cetane fuel has been shown to increase fuel economy in a four million mile fleet test. The test also showed that Sinclair Premium Diesel protects against corrosion and sludge formation as it increases power and reduces smoke.

Gasoline Gift Cards continue to surge in popularity.

      Consumer Promotions
      B2B Promotions – distribution & wholesale
      Gift with a Purchase
      Meeting Sales Goals
      Exceeding Company Goals

Stopping For Gasoline... Just Got Easier

      Find Sinclair stations in 22 states in the West and Midwest
      Gift Cards redeemable at over 2,300 participating stations and convenience stores proudly displaying the Sinclair Dinosaur
      Use the Sinclair Gift Card to “Pay at the Pump” or inside

Great Gifts for Birthdays, Holidays & Bonuses, "Thank Yous", Graduations, Fathers Day, or even Charities

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